University of Bicocca Skipping Bureaucracy with Blockchain


Students of Bicocca University in Milan, Italy will now be able to authenticate their degree within a click’s reach. Thanks to the blockchain technology, students can skip bureaucratic procedures, and verify its validity on the web, without having to travel to the University.

This program officially started yesterday, and according to CoinIdol is the first certification system of its kind in Italy.

Paolo Cherubini, pro-rector of the Didactics University of Milan-Bicocca explained:

Blockchain technology, the last frontier in terms of IT security, allows you to build these certificates on the network, encrypted so that they can not be violated by anyone, if not by those who can certify them authentically.

Developed together with the Cineca Inter-University Consortium, this way of issuing documents is good for preventing the manipulation and falsification of qualifications and certificates.

Cherubini also said that students can now just use their smartphones and computers to get their certificate and it is envisaged that with global adoption, companies will be able to check the validity of the digital documents, without sending requests to the universities.

The University of Bicocca is founded in 1998 in Milan and it’s one of Italy’s most dynamic and innovative universities.



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