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Namecheap Review – Buying Hosting with Bitcoin

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Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar founded in Los Angeles in 2000. This platform provides various services including hosting, website builder, SSSLs, private email hosting, migration etc. After being on the market for almost two decades, Namecheap is one of the most reputable providers managing over 10 million domains. Furthermore, it is one of the few trustworthy hosting providers accepting Bitcoin. In this Namecheap review, we will go through the setup process, pricing, customer support, and performance, and by the end of it, you will be able to decide whether this service is right for you.

Account Setup

The setup process is pretty straightforward. After successfully registering, you will be shown a neatly organized interface, where you can choose between the various services that Namecheap offers. To buy hosting, a domain address can be entered but you can add their free domain name “.website”, and replace it later with one of your choices. Next, you will be asked to confirm your order and be shown all the details of your purchase. At this stage, they offer add-ons like PremiumDNS for $4.88 per year, PositiveSSL certificate starting at  $1.99 for the first year and WhoisGuard for free. Payment options include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Dwolla (US residents only) and Bitcoin.

Users who want to make a purchase with Bitcoin and Dwolla must first deposit the required funds into a Namecheap account. To do that, you simply go to the dashboard and click the top-up link that’s right below the Account Balance section. There is a $5 minimum that must be deposited with PayPal and credit cards, $0.1 for deposits made with Dwolla and $1 with Bitcoin. The maximum deposit for all means of payment is $100.000. Completing a transaction with Bitcoin usually takes up to 1 hour, while Dwolla transfers are instant.

Once the payment process is complete, you will receive a detailed email within minutes, containing all necessary information on IP addresses, server names,  login information and more.


Namecheap provides its customers with budget plans, as well as more costly options. All plans have an option to choose between US or UK data centers. The UK data center is the slightly more expensive option, costing $12 extra per year.

The cheapest package for shared hosting costs $30.88 a year, with 20 GB SSD-accelerated disk space, unmetered bandwidth, website builder, support for up to 3 websites and up to 30 email accounts. This is more affordable than GoDaddy for example, where you only get one website for a similar price.

The second option is suitable for more demanding sites, costing $52.88 per year with unmetered SSD-accelerated disk space and bandwidth, website builder and an unlimited number of websites.

The most expensive option, ideal for e-commerce websites, costs $98.88 per year with 50 GB pure SSD disk space, unmetered bandwidth and an unlimited number of websites.

The most important thing is that there are no hidden costs and everything is pretty straightforward. You should be aware that the renewal price is sometimes higher than the original price, but that is disclosed during the sign-up process.


The budget package is pretty convenient for less demanding websites. You will get more supported domains and emails than other hosting providers that accept Bitcoin such as THC servers and Hostinger.

Namecheap guarantees a monthly 100% uptime for Dedicated servers, Shared and Business hosting packages and 99.9% uptime guarantee for VPS and Reseller packages. In case they fail to meet these guarantees, they will extend the service cycle for the time the website was unavailable. The Basic package is convenient for small, undemanding websites. If the performance of your chosen package doesn’t meet your demands, you can upgrade quickly and easily anytime to a more suitable package. By upgrading to the Stellar Plus package you can boost speeds significantly.

Customer Support

With Namecheap, there are a few ways to get the answer you are looking for. Although there is no phone support available, Namecheap provides an extensive online knowledge base, where users are able to comment on issues they are having. These comments are then reviewed and answered by Namecheap’s customer support. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to the helpdesk or live chat with support staff. Response times may vary. With the live chat, you will get a reply almost instantly, while ticket response and problem fixes take a little longer, but response times are usually less than one working day.

Namecheap Review Summary

Namecheap has built its name on the professionalism of its domain name registry, for which they’ve been voted the best domain name registrar in Lifehacker polls for both 2010 and 2012. However, people complaining online about low speeds and lower than expected uptime can still be found. Our personal experience with Namecheap hosting was exceptional. The Stellar Plus package is the perfect solution to our needs with 99.99-100% uptime, and excellent speed. If you are just starting a website and are not sure which package will suit your needs, you can always start with the cheapest option and upgrade anytime you think it’s necessary.

Namecheap is also involved in internet neutrality activism, and since 2011 they have donated about $400.000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for the promotion of Internet civil liberties.

We are hoping this Namecheap review has provided you with the information you are looking for. To make an account and buy a domain name or a hosting, click here.

Disclaimer: Buy For Bitcoin does not provide any warranties towards the accuracy of the statements in the above Namecheap review. Any content on this site should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind. It is your responsibility to perform your own research of the platform. 


  • Cheap starter shared hosting
  • Good customer support
  • Good performance
  • Unmetered bandwidth for all packages
  • Accepting Bitcoin


Reputation - 10
Performance - 9
Pricing - 9
Customer Support - 10

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