Sirin Labs Launches The First Blockchain Smartphone

The first blockchain smartphone, Finney, was launched recently by innovative smartphone developer, Sirin Labs. The device gives users a secure way to access exchanges, enables encrypted communication, and stores cryptocurrencies offline. This long-awaited smartphone costs $999 and is supported by famous football player Lionel Messi. Its major rival will be HTC’s Exodus 1, which will...[Read More]

Nearly 80% of Bitcoin Mining Running on Renewables

A report released by UK based CoinShares shows that about 80% of Bitcoin mining is done with renewable energy. CoinShares published their whitepaper responding to previous research by Camilo Mora published on, where he claims that Bitcoin mining could push global warming above 2°C and exceed greenhouse gas emission limits established in Paris in 2015 at the United Nations Clima...[Read More]

SatoshiLabs Warns: Fake Trezor Wallets Sold Online

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider SatoshiLabs, announced in a post on the 19th of November that fake Trezor wallets are being sold online. According to their announcement, the copy of their Trezor One wallet appeared on the market after being manufactured by an unknown producer. Fake Trezor wallets are being sold at discount prices, which is often the first sign of a scam. Unlike ot...[Read More] Launches its First Hardware Wallet Lockbox

Online wallet provider has launched Lockbox, its first hardware wallet and has done so in partnership with the well known crypto hardware security company, Ledger. The wallet is allegedly compatible only with’s online wallet and it has been designed to store customers’ funds in an offline, more secure location. The wallet will make crypto-to-crypt...[Read More]

1Broker to Start Processing Customer Withdrawals

1Broker has announced on their Twitter account that it will start processing withdrawals today. The platform was shut down by SEC, FBI and CFTS on 27 September due to selling security-based swaps and failing to register as a dealer. 1Broker, a popular trading platform founded in 2012 was offering anonymity to its users, but in the meantime, KYC (know your customer) and AML (Anti-money lau...[Read More]

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